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8:00 am | Worship
9:15 am | Sunday School
10:45 am | Worship
10:45 am | Youth Church (1st/4th Sundays)

6:00 pm | Intercessory Prayer

10:00 am | Senior Bible Study
5:30 pm | Teachers Review
6:30 pm | Bible Study

9:00 am | Women's Ministry
(1st Saturdays only)
9:00 am | Men's Ministry
(3rd Saturdays only)


Our Mission is to take the whole Gospel to the whole city. To be a loving, caring, and sharing church with Christ as our model. To train, evangelize and make disciples of men. To be expressive with our praise, and to worship Christ the Savior in Spirit and in Truth. And to minister to the whole man, body, soul and spirit.


The Maggie Street Missionary Baptist Church was formed 112 years ago in Pages Hall, and the late Reverend Parker A. Ash was elected as pastor of the church. It was Reverend Ash and a few dedicated members who purchased a site on Maggie Street and moved the church from Pages Hall. At that time some of the deacons were Ned Boykins, Charlie Lofton, and Allen Brewer. During Reverend Ash’s tenure as pastor, a new baptizing pool was installed, and many improvements were accomplished. Reverend Ash was called soon to a new field of labor, and he resigned as pastor of Maggie Street Baptist Church.

The late Reverend B. F. Oden succeeded Reverend Ash as the pastor of Maggie Street Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Oden was a wonderful pastor as well as a humble servant of God. He did his share in the progress of the church.

Reverend Oden was succeeded by the late Reverend J. H. Rose, who was indeed a God sent minister. Under his leadership, the wooden frame was changed into a beautiful brick structure. Numerous accomplishments were made including adding two new deacons to the board.

Reverend Rose worked faithfully and untiringly until health led to his resignation. Unfortunately, Maggie Street was again without a shepherd, but praises be to God it was only a short period of time, when the late Reverend William Riley Haney answered our calling. It was under his administration that we were able to purchase a parsonage for the church and many members were added to the church. Reverend Haney ordained one deacon during his ministry. He served well until he was called to another field of labor in Detroit, Michigan. It was unfortunate that we lost him.

The late Reverend Otis Daniel Jones was the next pastor of this church. During his tenure, several new deacons were ordained and additional features were added to the church. Reverend Jones answered the call to pastor in another city. Succeeding Reverend Jones was the late Reverend Benny Dansby Lambert. Knowing the conditions of the church and in spite of many problems that confronted him, Reverend Lambert accepted the call. He was determined with faith in God working with the membership that God would see them through. Reverend Lambert was called to another church and the late Reverend Russell Beverly answered the call for pastor. Reverend Beverly had a short term as pastor of this church. His administration began in 1962 and ended in tragedy in August 1963. Reverend Beverly was a Godsend minister, one that stood for right and righteousness.

Reverend Lambert was called to another church and the late Reverend Russell Beverly answered the call for pastor. Reverend Beverly had a very short term as pastor of this church. His administration began in 1962 and ended in tragedy in August 1963. Reverend Beverly was a God sent minister, one that stood for right and righteousness.

Our history would be incomplete without mentioning the late Reverend Roosevelt Parks, one who sacrificed and implanted his biblical knowledge as Assistant Pastor of Maggie Street for a number of years. It was Reverend Parks who had to take a stand between the calling and resignation of each minister.

In the year 1964, God sent us another minister; the late Reverend Dr. Isaac Leon Forbes, Sr. being that he was the youngest of all did not stop him from making tremendous progress. Words cannot record his many accomplishments. Under Reverend Forbes’ administration, fifteen new deacons were added to the deacon board and several of these deacons were made trustees. Many souls were added to the church. Our membership exceeded fifteen hundred.

In 1978, our dream for a new sanctuary became a reality under the tenure of Reverend Forbes. Reverend Forbes was indeed a dynamic pastor, preacher, counselor, administrator, civic leader, and friend to all. On October 13, 1984, Reverend Forbes answered a calling we all must answer some day.

On February 10, 1985, God blessed us with another dynamic pastor, the Reverend Billy Charles Mayes. God had appointed this minister with the faith, strength, courage, and power that he needed to lead his flock. Nine deacons were added under his pastorate. The Lord blessed Pastor Mayes to make tremendous progress as shepherd of Maggie Street. The church grew significantly in number. Under Pastor Mayes’ leadership hundreds of lives were positively touched by God. Under his leadership, the B. C Mayes Mass Choir, the B. C. Mayes Male Usher Ministry and the Maggie Street Male Chorus were organized. A new church van and new office equipment were purchased.

The Lord, Strong and Mighty, continued to bless Maggie Street with more souls being added under the pastorate of Billy Charles Mayes. God blessed us with several associate ministers, several newly appointed deacons, and a newly elected Youth Church Ministry, Tape Ministry, Bus Ministry, Men & Women Ministries.

Rev. Billy Charles Mayes departed this church in September 2001. Realizing that the flock at Maggie Street Missionary Baptist Church was split and in need of repair, God spoke to Minister Ezekiel Pettway, Sr., and he came as our shepherd in August of 2002. To God we give the glory for the good things He has done during the past years under Pastor Pettway’s leadership. A Terrific Tuesday Ministry for Seniors, an anointed Wednesday night Bible Study has tripled in attendance, and a New Member’s Ministry, Marriage Ministry, Singles Ministry, Evangelism Ministry, Women & Men’s Ministry. God blessed us with several Associate Ministers, Assistant Pastor, several newly appointed Deacons. Three females appointed to Trustee Board Ministry. CDC Board, and two new fifteen passenger vans purchased. Other new ministries were started: The G.E.D. program offering for a brighter future has 18 people already enrolled from this church. The A.C.T.S. Ministry (Another Chance to Succeed, A Commitment to serve) was formed in November 2008. This ministry consists of three components: the Food Pantry, the Clothes Closet, and the Homeless Ministry. Several Female Ministers have been called into the ministry. Pastor Pettway has come anointed and appointed by God to do a great work in our church, the community, and city and impact this entire state.

Our pastor’s vision for the Dream Center was to reach those who have lost hope, and give them hope. To show those that have given up on their dreams that they can dream again. To bring rest to the restless. To build self-esteem and show that God is God of many chances. To show forth the love of God by embracing and offering a place of comfort, refuge, and peace. And most of all, to bring the non believers to JESUS and provide whatever they need to grow spiritually.

In June 2007, the Maggie Street Church family experienced one of the greatest moments in the church’s history; it was the groundbreaking for the Dream Center. Also, in September of 2007 under Pastor Pettway’s leadership we purchased a state of the art audio system.