Our young people are the future's leaders both in the church and in our communities. We work hard to plan and coordinate youth events to encourage them to grow spiritually through worship, praise and fellowship in the church. Look below at some of our activities and see some of our leaders who work diligently to praise God and raise godly children for our community.


I.L. Forbes Inspirational Singers and Tender Golden Voices Choir. This youth choir performs every 2nd Sunday. Rehearsals are on Wednesday after Bible Study and on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. before the 2nd Sunday.

Daughters of Judah Praise Dancers

Mime Ministry (Male & Female Ages 5-17)

Christian Drama Ministry

Youth Usher Ministry


Youth Church. On the 1st and 4th Sundays the youth have a special worship service together at 10:45 a.m.

Community Service Projects. The youth group works around in our community helping those who are in need.

Lock-in's. The youth enjoy a night of fun and fellowship together at the church building.

Summer Trip. Our youth travel and enjoy time together at various places. In 2011, the youth traveled to Alabama Adventures!

Annual Hallelujah Festival. Each fall, in the month of October, the youth are involved in this wonderful uplifting time together to focus on spiritual praise to God.


Our Youth Ministry, Community Development Corporation (CDC) and Men’s Ministry helps sponsor various activities to foster fellowship with the young people of our church and community

Mentoring Program

Real talk/real issues weekend sessions



Field Trips

Basketball games


Youth Director:
Sis. Vince Arnold

Christian Education Director:
Dr. Derrick Dean


Sis. Evelyn Franklin
Sis. Evette Gray
Sis. Pam Mathews
Sis. Jean Jenkins
Sis. Gayle Jones
Sis. Jean Parker
Sis. Rosalind Ware
Sis. Barbara White
Sis. Sharon Towns
Sis. Faye Smith


Youth Bible Study Teachers:
Sis. Vince Arnold
Sis. Barbara White

Teen Bible Study Teachers:
Sis. Evelyn Franklin
Sis. Gayle Jones